Here are a few Videos of Sadhya, each one crafted by one of our delighted Customers from across the world! We at Daily Delight thank them for their time!

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Here is one of the first Videos created by a delighted Customer of Daily Delight, on our Product ‘Sadhya’, the Traditional Vegetarian Kerala Feast for Five! It includes an opinion of each of the included items!

Traditional Kerala Vegetarian Feast for Five! Three working women share their delight on discovering our product Sadhya and how it is a boon for working women, in this video!

Easy Onam Sadhya from Daily Delight (Heat and Eat Sadhya for Five) is yet another delighted Customer’s video!

Unboxing of Sadhya, the Traditional Kerala Vegetarian Feast for Five by a delighted Customer, with complete listing of all dishes.

Yet another Unboxing and Review of Daily Delight Sadhya – Feast for Five, by a delighted couple!

Unboxing Onam Sadhya Kit 2021: Yet another Unboxing Video by a delighted young lady and her guests!

Instagram video posted by a delighted Nikolai, when he finds his favourite Indian Foods branded Daily Delight!

Malayalam Films Superstar Mohanlal: Daily Delight Mature Plum Cake Advertisement