Have you ever wondered what goes into getting Daily Delight Grated Coconut from the fields into your freezer? Or those delicious, tender Okra into your Sambar? You would surely have wondered how you can open a pack of fresh Tinda, although the season is long over?

At Parayil Group we pride ourselves on our processes that let you enjoy farm-fresh vegetables throughout the year! Our farming experts, whom we proudly call our Partners, use their generations of experience and knowledge to ensure that we harvest the best vegetables at the best time! True farmers, they grow everything with real care. The crop of vegetables ripens in the field until they attain their peak, which is when they are picked. We harvest our vegetables around the clock when it’s ripe, to ensure that we pick it at just the right time. Our partners carefully select only the best, highest-quality vegetables. Nothing beats Vegetables right from the field, as that is when their taste, texture, color, and nutritional value are as good as they get!

Once picked, we take over the task of locking in their goodness and getting them to you as quickly as possible. You may rest assured that our vegetables contain no artificial colors or flavors. They are simply fresh vegetables, flash frozen immediately on harvest, thus locking in their nutrients and obviating the need for preservatives of any kind. The more time vegetables take to get from the field to the freezer, the more nutrients it loses, since light, heat and time sap many of a vegetable’s nutrients.

The whole freezing process is like stopping the natural clocks of the vegetables. Several research studies show that freezing vegetables “locks in” important vitamins and stops nutrient losses that inevitably occur in fresh vegetables over time. Hence, our efforts are fully focussed on getting them to the freezer immediately! Frozen vegetables are always in season, which makes nutritious meal planning a snap. As a consequence of our processes, our fresh frozen vegetables taste as fresh as they did the moment they were picked.

Our farmers take great pride in growing the tastiest and highest quality vegetables for you.  Parayil Group has a long history of working with family farmers. We support responsible growing efforts that conserve water and energy, while locking in important nutrients and great taste. Parayil Group has always stood for high-quality, great-tasting dishes, whether it’s with our classical favorites or with our more adventurous recipes! We have also evolved into Combination Platters, as you would have observed! We bring the delicious and the healthy together with meals and sides that are easy to prepare and easy to serve!

Parayil Group builds on the trust of premium quality frozen meal brands that it has established, to ensure that consumers feel confident about the ingredients in our entrees and savour the flavor, taste and quality they desire. Parayil Group uses ingredients that consumers trust and recognize – what they would themselves use in their own home kitchens, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives being added at any point of time.

Parayil Group has served meals made with high-quality ingredients. It is the same love that our family puts authentically, reliably, consistently, into every recipe of ours, for over 30 years now!