Our Staff Are Our Greatest Asset. 

The success of our company truly does rely on the strength and well being of our staff.  As a food processor with a multitude of products, our talented and diverse staff are the largest and most important assets we have.

Parayil Group has a reputation for being a great place to work – a hard-won and hard-maintained reputation! Realizing that our commitment to a positive, productive environment is critical, we have adopted it as one of our core values: Make this a great place to work!

There is much more to add to the value of a company, than making it a ‘fun’ place for staff. We invest in a safe work environment, follow flexibility of work schedules for a healthy work-life balance, offer great monetary and non-monetary benefits and provide training, to enable growth opportunities.

Parayil Group is a great place to work because we have a markedly different standard of treating staff.  We have an “open door” policy, meaning, no matter the level in the chain of command, staff can always walk into a superior’s Cabin and be treated as courteously, as an equal!

You will be heard, that is our promise from day one!

We are completely transparent with our employees. Parayil Group expands the notion of “training” beyond what is necessary to perform the job.  We invest in the employee from their first day with us. In addition to the mandatory job training and thorough understanding of who we are as a company and an in-depth discussion about our core values, we instill the importance of taking ownership and pride in their work. Staff are empowered and encouraged to think aloud, allowing processes improvements. We encourage new ideas from the bottom up.

A healthy work-life balance is crucial for everyone. Parayil Group understands and values the importance of family, understands that our staff have lives outside our factories. We recognize that flexibility in their lives make staff more productive within our factories.

In turn, our staff understands the value and importance of the work that they do, the importance of their colleagues’ work and that the quality of products we deliver is of paramount importance. They are proud to be part of a company that is is delivering the best in the industry!

Our commitment to our staff over the years has proven to be a wise investment. As a result, we have low employee turnover, considerable employee longevity and deep levels of expertise at all levels and positions within the company. Staff stay in the company because together, we make this a great place to work in, because the company’s successes are jointly owned, jointly celebrated! Consequently, our customers benefit from best quality products. The success of our company truly relies on the strength of our staff!