Quality, Authentic products are produced with Reliability, meeting and exceeding expectations every time, thus achieving Consistency.

Our Quality Control department constantly looks out for any deviations in our equipment, processes or methods that may cause abnormalities, whether in the taste, colour, texture or aroma. Our Technicians immediately correct equipment issues, with other issues are sorted out by staff qualified for the task. We ensure that any abnormality is swiftly corrected, before they can create quality issues!

It is this preoccupation with Quality, Authenticity, Reliability and Consistency, that has helped us bring you more and more products to your discerning tastes, year after year!

At Parayil Group, we thank you for your support. We renew our pledge to build further on our cornerstones, to continue to delight both our old, returning Customers as well as first-time Customers, worldwide!

Quality Certifications